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Polaris RZR XP® 1000 DYNAMIX™

DYNAMIX™ Active Suspension - The only ride that tunes on the fly.

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The RZR Experience

Industry-leading Xtreme Performance

Dominate any off-road landscape & fear no terrain. RZR XPs set the benchmark for off-road supremacy, and are extensively engineered to deliver an optimally balanced chassis, and the ultimate combination of power, suspension & agility.

Xtreme Appearance

For 2019 the off-road’s most successful predator looks even hungrier. RZR XPs are cut more aggressively. The chiseled, muscular style, premium digital instruments, & wicked LED accents all hint at the heart of the animal within.

The Driving Force in Off-Road Tech

Through relentless innovation and a passion for the ride, RZR is the world-leader in off-road domination. There’s more to achieving the pinnacle of Xtreme Performance than simply developing around just power or big travel. Extensively engineered technological advances are made to only further razor sharp performance.

DYNAMIX™ Upgrade

The Future of Ride & Handling is here

RZR DYNAMIX™ Active Suspension is the world’s first and only intelligent suspension system designed for the off-road. DYNAMIX™ is smart enough to continuously adjust your shocks on-the-fly.

The Power of "AND" - Performance & Plush

DYNAMIX™ was designed so that you no longer have to choose between setting your suspension for a comfortable ride or for performance; now you get the best of both every time you ride because DYNAMIX™ adjusts as your driving.

Tuning on the Fly - Adapting to Any Situation

Attack a corner and the outside shocks instantly firm up to reduce body roll, as speed increases your suspension stiffens for better stability, take to the air & all 4 shocks to maximum resistance so you don’t bottom out, and tap the brakes to strengthen front shocks and minimize diving.

The Vehicles

2020 RZR XP® 1000 DYNAMIX™

Starting at $399


  • 110 HP ProStar HO 999
  • 64″ Width
  • 20”/20″ Usable Travel
  • FOX® 2.5 Podium Live Valve Shocks
  • 29” Maxxis® Big Horn Tires
  • 14” Ground Clearance


  • DYNAMIX Active Suspension™
  • Ride Command®
  • Premium Painted Panels
  • LED Accent Lights & LED Head Lights
  • Lower Doors

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