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Happy Trails Rental is owned and operated by serious off-road and outdoor enthusiasts with decades of experience. It is our mission to share the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert with you and provide a safe and memorable experience to always cherish. Our roots are deeply entrenched in the local community as we live where we play. Our love for the land and our creator is evident by our actions and care for all. Come be our guest and experience real adventures.

About Our Location

The most famous location of Johnson Valley (JV) is the Southeast area by Means Dry Lake where once a year the desert is transformed by over 30,000 plus spectators and racers for the world famous “King Of The Hammers” race events.  A week long motor sport spectacular that turns the desert into a small city known as Hammer Town. The popular Sand Hill is also located here and a great place to test your machines raw power.

​In the Western part of the park, sits a massive rocky outcrop known as Cougar Buttes.  Its unique granite rocky boulders will amaze and stun you with exaggerated formations. Formed out of the Earth’s crust millions of years ago, it is an ideal place for families to camp and explore. There are many formations to discover like the Jaws Cave, Indian Ballroom, The Arches and the massive Sphinx Rock. In the Northeast section of Cougar Buttes sits another granite outcrop known as the Mini Buttes where you’ll discover a large abandoned granite quarry known as the Texas Quarry. Mostly worked from 1930 to 1950, it produced huge granite blocks used in monuments and building facings. It provided stone for construction at the University of California, both at Los Angeles and La Jolla.

In the middle part of JV you will find Soggy Dry Lake off Bessemer Mine Road. This is a fantastic place to camp and explore new trails.  This vast dry lakebed is more than 3 miles across and offers fun for the entire family.

In the Northwestern portion of JV, sits Anderson Dry Lake which is ideal for casual riding for intermediate and novice riders.  It’s a popular place for many campers and easily accessible off Camp Rock Road. Within close proximity, you’ll see natural wonders such as the ancient Yucca Rings. These unique rings of Yucca bushes are reputed to have started from a single bush thousands of years ago.

The North terrain of JV is peppered with abandoned gold, silver and copper mines from the late 19th century.  One of the most interesting of these mines is the Copper Strand Mine.  It first opened in 1900 and stayed active until 1940 during the copper boom when America was transitioning to electric power.

From every corner, Johnson Valley OHV Park offers you something to explore, discover and take-in.   Whether it be countless of trails to travel or fascinating landscapes to gaze at, you will find peace and harmony in this unique setting.

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