Rattlesnake Canyon Trail is an epic journey through some of the most diverse terrain in the California Mojave Desert. This 70-mile trail will cover everything from vast desert valleys, endless sandy washes, rocky outcrops, tall canyon walls and private lakes all with plenty of chances to see wildlife and cool points of interest.

The trail passes through a live cattle ranch as well as some fun muddy patches created by water from natural artesian springs. While on the route you will visit a private desert oasis with a beautiful private lake surrounded by mature Cottonwood and Willow trees and see many abandoned cabins and structures from the old mining days. As the trail progresses and you gain about 2,500 feet in elevation, the canyon walls grow taller and narrower as you carefully navigate some technical rocky sections that challenge your skills and the machine’s capabilities.

The end of the trail surprises you with a giant ancient Joshua Tree forest. It’s truly awe-inspiring as you ride among these majestic trees that are over 100 years old and 40 feet tall and fully submerge yourself in Mother Nature’s beauty. We limit our group sizes to ensure you have the best possible experience. Call today to plan your amazing adventure!

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Johnson Valley OHV Park, CA

Johnson Valley is a varied landscape for the off-highway vehicle driver. It is punctuated by steep red rocky mountains, rolling hills, open valley, dry lake beds and sandy washes. Elevations range from 4,600 feet at Hartwell Hills to 2,300 feet at Melville Dry Lake. Vegetation consists of creosote scrub, annual grasses, wild flowers and Joshua Trees. Johnson Valley offers a riding opportunity for every skill level.

The southeast portion of the riding area offers a large mass of hills known to the rock crawler world wide as the “Hammers.” This area is for experts and has gained the attention of off-roaders in recent years through an event called “King of the Hammers,” experts only need apply. North of the Hammers offers a quality riding experience for novice and intermediate riders and some small dune riding experience. There are two car/truck courses for racing in the north central and western portions of the valley. Anderson Dry Lake on the western boundary of the area is used for casual riding for intermediate and novice riders. It is popular with off-roaders. The butte boasts areas with small rolling hills for the novice, rocky ridges for the more experienced riders, huge rock structures for the rock crawlers and is a popular place for motorcycle trials events.

The 96,000 acre off–highway vehicle riding area has something for every rider at every skill level. Approximately 53,000 acres of Johnson Valley is a shared-use area with the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MGAGCC) located in Twentynine Palms, CA.

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Ben Stone Happy Trails Rental


Full-time resident of Lucerne Valley, Ben knows the Johnson Valley OHV Park inside-and-out. With years of experience operating off-road vehicles, Ben is as knowledgeable as anyone. Rattlesnake Canyon Trail is one of Ben's favorite parts about Johnson Valley, and he looks forward to exploring the unique terrain with you.

What to Bring

To get the most enjoyment out of your ride, we require you to wear long pants, closed toe shoes and long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt. Every person is required to wear a helmet and eye protection. A full-face helmet and goggles are provided to borrow during your rental period. A valid driver’s license is required for all drivers, NO EXCEPTIONS! Credit or Debit card required for payment and security deposit.

It is highly recommended to also bring a hat, sunblock, sunglasses and additional layers of clothing (during the winter season as it can get chilly outside). We do provide some complimentary water and refreshments, but it’s always a good idea to bring additional water and snacks. Make sure to bring your camera to capture all of the epic moments. Download/print the Happy Trails Checklist below to make sure you don’t forget anything!


Safety & Sustainability

Happy Trails Rental and Polaris Adventures focus on the safety of every rider, from vehicle overviews & training before every ride to a modern check out process, we are here to make sure you have a safe, memorable, adventure.

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Rattlesnake Canyon Trail Tour

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